Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Project

The Project is all about the conversation. It is aimed towards college students, but high school students and under thirties are welcomed as well.

The Project is a challenge, to both myself and to you, to confront the flaws in our ideals, to defend them, and to be exposed to those of the other side. As a conservative on a liberal campus, I have to do this, both to myself and publicly, nearly everyday. Now its your turn to do the same.

The Project is summed up nicely in this line: be willing to accept everything you dish out. Your challenge: move me to the Left. Try to make me see why Liberalism is the way to run this country. In return, however, I get to try to do the opposite. I'm gonna fight my hardest to persuade you to the Right and accept that conservatism is in our best intersests.

The Project works like this: Every week I'll issue my challenge, often on Saturday. Sometimes before, sometimes after, but at least once a week. It'll be a book I want you to read, a movie to see, or just an idea that I would like to debate. If you do this, you get to do the same to me. And I will read the books/watch the movie/ debate the topic.

The Project also includes my personal opinions and thoughts. During the week I will be updating what I call "Lessons" and "Thoughts from Right Field".
Lessons will confront assumptions and stereotypes often held by those on the left about those on the right. It will be a crash course in conservative values on pretty much everything.
Thoughts from Right Field is more of a rambling sort of thing. It'll be my take on current events, questions posed to me, and various goings ons in my life.

The Project's Rules:
1. No throwing out a source just because you don't like the person. You listen to Rachel Maddow, I read Ann Coulter. I will attack Maddow's ideas and the numbers she draws on. You do the same for Coulter. But the moment you say "Oh, Coulter, well, obviously you can't be taken seriously" you're out. I do not suffer fools well, and to ignore statistics, data, and philosophies from a book you've probably never read is insulting to the academic life to say the least.

2. Be polite. Nothing kills honest debate faster than insults and crude language. No name calling and nothing worse than Ass and Damn will be permitted. That means no S-word, F-word, B-word, etc. Again, I don't suffer fools well and failure to comply results in immediate expulsion from the project. Examples of what I won't accept. "Palin is such a dumb B***" "You F***tard." Again, any such use of language results in immediate expulsion. If you are quoting, self-censor please.

3. Stay on topic. Trolls abound in the world of political blogs, and anyone caught off topic, or bringing in irrelevant subjects will be treated as such. If you think a subject is relevant, then please, establish how so before diving in.

If you can follow these simple rules, we'll get along just fine.

So, you up to the challenge?
Alex out.